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Metric Aluminum Profiles

With T-Slot Aluminum, you get more value than you ever would with welded steel. Need flexibility? You've got it with t-slot aluminum. Need Versatility? Extruded aluminum has that too. Strong in the hot or the cold, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum has everything you need to get a project done quickly and efficiently. No need to paint or weld unlike steel parts. Get whatever you need built fast and strong with our metric series profiles of extruded aluminum framing.

Structural Aluminum Extrusions

20mm with 6mm T-Slot

View: 30mm with 8mm T-slot

30mm with 8mm T-slot

View: 40mm with 8mm T-slot

40mm with 8mm T-slot

View: 40mm with 10mm T-slot

40mm with 10mm T-slot

View: 45mm with 10mm T-slot

45mm with 10mm T-slot

View: 60mm with 10mm T-slot

60mm with 10mm T-slot

View: 90mm with 10mm T-slot

90mm with 10mm T-slot

View: Special Aluminum Extrusions

Special Aluminum Extrusions