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With T-Slot Aluminum there's no need to clamp, weld, grind and finish. All it needs is to be connected together. We carry a full line of various kinds of connectors needed for any project for both our metric and inch size profiles. Get whatever you need built fast and strong with our comprehensive series of extruded aluminum profile connectors.

View: Quick Connectors

Quick Connectors

View: Connection Screws

Connection Screws

View: Universal Fasteners

Universal Fasteners

View: Tilt Connectors

Tilt Connectors

View: Milling Connectors

Milling Connectors

View: Bolt Connectors

Bolt Connectors

View: Connection Link

Connection Link

View: Gussets


View: Corner Brackets

Corner Brackets

View: Corner Gussets

Corner Gussets

View: Corner Bracket Radius

Corner Bracket Radius

View: Cube Connectors

Cube Connectors

View: Angle Connectors

Angle Connectors

View: Threaded Insert

Threaded Insert

View: Connection Plates

Connection Plates

View: T-Connectors