Stevens Institute of Technology

The Challenge

A senior design team at Steven's Technical Institute required a testing track to help them complete their experiment in concussion research. The test dummy used was to simulate a human head and torso. Sensors were attached to track the movement and speed of the test dummy. The test track would allow the group to push the dummy and create motion. Having worked with aluminum extrusion parts previously, the group knew that it would be a good way to create a custom track.

The Solution

Framing Tech helped in all aspects of the track design and fabrication. The team sent a rough draft of the design to Framing Tech. Framing Tech then sent back a revised design, and once approved, sent the team all of the necessary parts.

The Benefit

Using the track fabricated by Framing Tech, the team were able to run their tests and use their sensors to their full extent. The test track created a controlled environment for the dummy to move in a straight line at a fairly constant speed. These two variables were crucial to ensuring that the testing was consistent and repeatable.

Here are a few shots of the test track we provided.

extruded aluminum track rider

t-slot aluminum test track

custom extruded aluminum test track rider


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