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Do you do CAD design work?

Yes, we are currently using Solidworks 2020.

Can you cross-reference competitors part numbers?

Yes. Being experts in aluminum structural framing, we can cross-reference all common competitor parts.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, our experienced installation team will bring the tools and experience needed to install any enclousre or guarding at your desired location.

How long will I expect to wait for a quote?

Our expected turn around time for quotes is within 24 business hours. More time is typically needed if the project is of large scale or if it's a new concept.

What is your standard lead-time?

If it's a stock item, we can ship it the same day. Most assemblies generally ship in 7-10 days. Our goal is to be available when it is convenient to the customer. If your delivery requirements fall outside of our timeframe, please communicate that to us and we will accommodate as best as we can.

What size extrusion should I use for my project?

Our favorite size is the 10 slot (45mm) extrusion. In our opinion, it's the most versatile size as well as one of the most common sizes.

How do I get started using Aluminum Framing System?

Send your concept sketch to us and our staff will point you in the right direction.  Or begin by choosing a profile size suitable for your project, then be sure that the connectors and accessories that you choose are compatible with the slot size of your profile.

Do you offer extrusions in different finishes and colors?

All our profiles are stocked in CLEAR ANODIZE. Other available finishers and colors are: Anodize (Black, Blue, Gold) and Powder Coat (any color can be matched).

What are my options for aluminum panels?

The best thickness for inserting aluminum panels into the T-slot is between 3/16" and 1/4".

How many different sizes of aluminum profiles do you offer?

We have more than 200 different aluminum profiles in stock.

How much weight can your aluminum extrusions support?

Typically, aluminum structural profiles are made for lighter loads, but we have provided engineered solutions that can support more than 2 tons.


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