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The world is a dangerous place, full of physical perils. This is especially true of the workplace. It could be a factory, a production plant, a product development facility, an R&D unit, a research department at a university, or a chemical or pharmaceutical lab. Whatever the industry, in some part of it employees are likely to encounter fast-moving machine parts, sharp edges, high voltage, toxic fumes, corrosive materials, or some other destructive and even deadly hazard. For those hazards, it is vital that the machine or process be isolated in some way so as to protect the surroundings from damage—and any humans or animals nearby from injury or death. That is not just good sense—it is the law, thanks to OSHA regulations.

To that end, Framing Tech has designed a number of versatile prefabricated enclosures (LINK:, both large and small, suitable for a range of industries and production types. While these “standard” enclosure solutions shown on our website are versatile enough to serve the exacting needs of most of our customers, let’s face facts: not every standard solution is precisely right for every customer. You may have specialized requirements in terms of size, configuration, materials, and other options that these prefabricated enclosure simply may not meet. Let us help guide you in designing the perfect industrial enclosure for your needs.



  • Type of machinery or process to be enclosed
  • Dimensions (width, length, height) of machine or process to be enclosed
  • Dimensions of space where the enclosure will be situated
  • Number of entranceways and other openings to be included
  • Anchoring options (e.g., bolted to floor, wall, table top, etc.)
  • Any other additional information—even hand-drawn sketches—to help us get an idea of the total scope of your project
  • Any special equipment attachments or accessories desired, such as vents or fans
  • When selecting accessories, please make sure that the accessories match the t-slot size of your framing system




Custom Aluminum Enclosure Options Guide

The primary structural components of all our custom enclosures are T-slot aluminum extrusions, available in both metric and inch profiles. Besides being lightweight yet strong, aluminum is highly corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal material for most industrial settings.

Large Enclosures

Ideal for most office, manufacturing, or commercial environments, this is essentially a pop-up room—or multiple rooms! Besides creating separate, custom-configurable office spaces, large enclosures can be used for product testing, server rooms, small-scale part manufacturing, and other industrial or high-tech purposes. To provide additional customization, the modular nature of anodized T-slot aluminum profiles allows for wall sections to attach to each other via connection plates, while also permitting placement of custom entrances and exits to accommodate your needs. For the walls, typical panel materials can consist of valuebond, clear or colored shatter-resistant polycarbonate, or high-strength opaque aluminum composite, among other materials. Additional options include removable ceiling panels and openings for ductwork or ventilation systems.

Three-sided Enclosures

Depending on the desired size, three-sided enclosures can be mounted on a wall or installed on a tabletop to enclose a workstation. The walls attach together via connection plates and a cross brace, and the doorway openings can be as wide and high as needed. As with the large enclosures, there is a wide choice of panel options, depending on application, including clear polycarbonate.

Curing Cabinet Enclosures

Perfect for laboratory use or advanced production applications such as thermoforming as well as machining, table-top curing cabinet enclosures can be designed to your exact specifications, including scratch-resistant panels, impact-resistant laser-safety windows, and UV-resistance. The doors can be designed to accommodate safety control switches and other options.




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