Curing Cabinet

Semiconductor Curing Cabinet with Static Dissipative Panels

This custom-sized curing cabinet was sized to accommodate a raw-material pallet for curing wafers for the manufacture of semiconductor materials.

This specialty enclosure was provided to ensure a clean curing area for the manufacture of semiconductor raw-materials. The enclosure was sized specifically to fit a custom cassette loaded for a predetermined cure time. An interior framework provided a positive location for the cassettes to rest inside. The interior shelf plates are stainless steel & the outer panels are clear static dissipative polycarbonate. Panels are also available in clear CPVC which is FM4910 certified. Grounding lugs were provided to ensure that all framing, plates & panels meet ESD certification. These cabinets can be designed to meet any design or product challenge. We have done many variations that include side-by-side chambers, over-under, back-to-back, mobile, light-tight, etc. Please contact us to discuss the solution you need today.



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