Custom Operator Workstation

Custom Operator Workstation

SAM Station

This custom designed & built workstation incorporates many operator convenience items.

This work station was placed into a manufacturing environment in front of a large, noisy machine. The operator had to maintain a visual view of the machine-process to monitor alarms, & general machine function, etc. The operator sat at this station & was able to be protected from the noise of the machine because the upper clear panels were tempered safety glass. The shelf above the laminated work top was for a CRT monitor-support. Directly adjacent, is a glass panel inserted in the laminate-work surface for viewing an ergonomically placed LCD flat-panel monitor (not shown). A pullout keyboard tray & adjustable footrest were provided to increase operator comfort at this station. A stainless steel roll-media storage rack was placed in the lower left area. The wire mesh panel on the lower right area was provided for increased ventilation for a tamper-proof computer area. The removable drawer units had hardwood drawer fronts & were constructed out of our pvc drawer system having rigid and light bottoms. (1) drawer was for personal items & the other for basic station storage of process documentation.

The design for this station was a direct result of input from the manufacturing process engineer along with considerable input from the operators themselves. The available space was limited in this area so the station had to maintain as compact a footprint as possible. Over a dozen variants of this station have been provided successfully over the past few years & are still functioning successfully today.



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