Aluminum Profiles

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Framing Technology, Inc. is the manufacturer, designer, fabricator and distributor of T-slotted aluminum extrusion and accessories to both commercial industries and individuals. We offer structural aluminum framing and stock a full range of profile component products which will complete or help to accessorize your framing solution.

We are proud of our full range of products and services, from our catalog of fully assembled aluminum framing structures and the smallest detail accessories to our SolidWorks Certified CAD Design services and our custom aluminum extrusion services. Whatever your framing project, we have the solution you are looking for to make it a complete, well-developed and economic solution.

  • Aluminum Profiles

    Aluminum Profiles

  • Structural aluminum framing system for any application. Inch or metric sizes.
  • Modular t-slotted aluminum framing sold to industry & individuals any where in the world.
  • Buy as raw materials, kit-form, or as a fully assembled unit.
  • Custom Designs as well as build to order services.
  • Accessories


  • A full range of accessories are available to finish your project.
  • Any type of panel materials, wire mesh, perforated metal, tempered glass, polycarbonate, laminate top, hydraulic lifting units... that are required can be provided.
  • Solutions


  • Fast quoting and product fulfillment.
  • CAD design assistance, concept development and prototyping.
  • Full machining capabilities.
  • Extrusion Joining Hardware

    Fastening Hardware

  • A complete range of fastening hardware for all types & sizes of extrusions.
  • Profile components are available for all available t-slot shapes.
  • From economy t-nuts to high strength quick-connectors we have inexpensive fastening options for all extrusions.
  • All hardware is available in bulk or piece meal form.

What Can We Build For You Today?

Framing Tech has a fully trained, certified and responsive team to assist you with taking your idea from conception to prototype to production. Additional options include CAD design, machining, prototyping, kit, sub and full assembly.

Contact us today and let us help you get started on your aluminum framing project!