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Who is Framing Tech?

With years of experience working with T-slotted aluminum extrusions, Jim Hartke and Chris Hill decided to start their own business. In 2002, they took their 18 years of expertise and formed Framing Technology Inc. Today, Framing Tech is proud to offer direct and immediate personalized attention to our customers.

Framing Tech is a manufacturer, designer, distributor, fabricator, and installer of modular aluminum extrusion and accessories, to both commercial industry and individuals. We offer structural aluminum framing in metric and inch sizes. Additionally, we stock a full range of profile component products that complete or accessorize your framing solution.

Framing Tech has a fully trained and responsive team to assist you with taking your idea from concept to production. We also offer CAD design, matching, kit-form, sub and full assemblies.

Why work with Framing Tech?

Simple: Value. Your time is money. By working with Framing Tech you eliminate the middleman hassle. When you call us, a member of our team will answer any questions you may have, along with helping you transform your idea into a framing solution. When buying materials you have the option of ordering extrusion in raw material for (not machined), as kit-form (machined, labeled, ready-to-assemble), sub or fully assembled frames, or let us install the frame solution at your site.

Globally accepted products

Our profile T-slot geometry is widely accepted both in the USA and around the globe. Designed, machined, assembled, and shipped to locations all over the world, from workers located right here in the USA. This means you get your framing solution quicker and with more attention to detail than a distributor or representative might otherwise offer. For the fastest service go to our contact form and make an inquiry directly to our responsive sales team.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business with our expertise using our aluminum profile system to provide an economic solution for your unique application.


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