Framing Tech is proud to offer the following services:

Material Sales

  • Raw or bulk material sales of aluminum extrusions and their related hardware and accessories.
  • Kit-form ready-to-assemble.
  • Sub-assemblies.
  • Fully assembled products.
  • On-site consultation or set-up labor.

Full Machining Capabilities

  • Cut-off saw with 20 digital readout.
  • Precise milling, drilling, tapping of profiles.
  • 15hp CNC - 4axis capable.

CAD Design

3-D design, SolidWorks Certified.  3D Models, Drawings and Bill of Materials available upon request.


Assistance in the development of your concept.  Our in-house 3D printers can create low cost parts to help bring your ideas to life.


Aluminum Framing systems typically bolt together with various fasteners, but we do have in-house welding capabilities as well.

Custom Colors

Our extrusions or accessories can be provided in various different anodized colors, paint, or powdercoated finishes.

Solution Provider

Many components not seen here in this catalog are used in conjunction with aluminum extruded framing projects. We stock many types of panel materials that are commonly used with aluminum profiles. We will provide as many accessory products as are necessary to provide the most complete & economic solution for your application. Some examples of these accessory products include: manual or electric lift-systems, nitrogen gas shocks, UHMW sliding carriages, laminate counter tops, formed stainless steel parts, perforated metal for diffuser panels, clean room fan-filter units, casters, etc...

Whatever additional materials are called for we welcome the opportunity to provide them for you.

Need assistance? We understand that this catalog may not answer all your questions. Our goal is to return a quote to you within 24 hours. So give us a call, fill out this contact form or e-mail us a sketch or idea, and let us help frame your idea into reality!