Aquarium enthusiasts worldwide are increasingly turning to aluminum as their preferred material for building aquatic habitats. Our anodized aluminum aquarium stands excel in corrosion resistance, outlasting comparable steel and wood frames. The strength and adaptability of our diverse profile sizes make them ideal for crafting distinctive structures for aquarium stands, accommodating any size or weight. All our designs undergo rigorous structural analysis to ensure their stability over the years. Should you require assistance with your design, feel free to contact us.

Note: When selecting accessories, please make sure that the accessories match the t-slot size of your framing system.

Includes the height of leveling feet or casters
For weight analysis purposes
Please upload important images, sketches, or other documents


Aquarium Stand Q & A's

The standard options displayed on the website do not feature a Table Top. However, through the quote request form, you can choose from 1/2" HDPE available in either black or white. If you need an alternative solution, kindly specify the criteria in the text area at the bottom of the form.

We receive daily requests for custom-sized stands. For quicker service, please complete a quote request form and provide specific criteria. Alternatively, you can directly email your criteria to us at

The listed price doesn't include bracing for a lower shelf, but we'd be happy to add it along with any other features you need. Please include the approximate weight for the shelf with your inquiry.

Regrettably, we currently do not offer powder coat or anodizing services at this time.

Yes, our leveling feet are of industrial-grade quality and can support loads of up to 2,000 lbs each. If you'd rather not have leveling feet, just inform us, and we can adjust the design accordingly. Additionally, there are various stud lengths and pad diameters to choose from.

We recommend using our Quick Connectors as the preferred method for joining extrusions. They offer strength and are easy to tighten, loosen, and reposition. Alternative options include Connection Screws, Connection Plates, Gussets, or Corner Brackets.

Our Quick Connectors come with a robust zinc plating that proves highly effective in corrosive environments. They are the favored connection method for the majority of our designs.

We conduct a load analysis to assess how the stand performs under the "worst-case scenario" or the maximum weight it will bear. This process helps pinpoint any design issues and reinforces the overall capabilities of the design.

No, however, we can offer an estimate by considering the package's size, weight, and destination.


"This company was a pleasure to work with."

We had a tight schedule to keep and in a way it was unrealistic, but Framing tech did everything in there power to help us. The project is completed and the frames we made with this company are incredibly strong durable and will last for decades. I highly recommend using this company if you are looking for aluminum extrusions.

- David Espinoza

Need assistance? We understand that this catalog may not answer all your questions. Our goal is to return a quote to you within 24 hours. So give us a call, fill out this contact form or e-mail us a sketch or idea, and let us help frame your idea into reality!