Introducing the CarboSix carbon fiber line of profiles and tubular shapes!  Carbon fiber profiles are created through the use of a new breakthrough technology called Pultrusion.  This process pulls spools of carbon fiber thread through a resin bath, and into a temperature controlled mold to create the final shape.  Similarly, the carbon fiber tubes are created using Pullwinding technology, which weaves the carbon fiber threads prior to entering the resin bath and mold.  This produces a significantly stronger tube than other carbon fiber tubes which are created by wrapping a carbon fiber sheet around a rod to create the final shape.

What are the benefits of using Carbon Fiber?

  • Much lighter than steel and aluminum
  • Much stiffer than steel and aluminum
  • Increased tenison and compression resistance than steel and aluminum
  • Increased thermal resistance than steel and aluminum
  • Much better corrosion resistance than steel and aluminum

Carbon Fiber profiles are being used extensively for the following applications: 

  • Automation and robotics
  • Metrology
  • Packaging and specialized machines
  • Handling and Transport
  • High acceleration and low Inertia applications
  • Applications with low weight and high strength requirements

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