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One edge adjustable angle connector is for connecting the CarboSix carbon fiber 45mm x 45mm profile at an adjustable angle at 5-degree increments. The connector's two edges allow for a nested connection joint to 45mm or 90mm side of a carbon fiber pultrusion. Ideal for a solid set angle connection that can be used for any solution.


  • CarboSix 45mm with an 8mm T-slot profile connector
  • Easy use
  • Designed to allow setting of rotation angles (5° increment) of profile connection
  • Grips into profile end for a strong connection

Machining Requirements:

  • Mounting profile requires:
    • 1" deep M8 tap or an inserted threaded insert 
  • Mating profile requires:
    • 1/4" diameter access thru hole

Technical Specifications:

Material Sandblasted Aluminum
Finish Plain
Color Silver

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