Extruded aluminum has helped create the ease in our lives today. Major components of cars, subway trains, bikes, airplanes, and boats are manufactured using aluminum extrusions. This doesn't include only the exteriors of the vehicle, but also the internal framework and the fasteners that hold it all together. The internal parts of the computer you're reading this on, along with the keyboard and mouse that you use and the desk that your computer sits on, all made with aluminum extrusions.

More than you know is made with aluminum extrusions. From the intricately grooved bleachers in stadiums and sports fields to the display units used in stores, all made with extruded aluminum.

The Extrusion Process

Extrusion is a process of shaping different molten metals and plastics by forcing them through shaped designs at extremely high pressures. Because of how flexible the process is, there are many different ways to perform the extrusion, including either hot or cold, and continuous or semi-continuous.

Try thinking of the extrusion process like making pasta. The dough is sent through a press, which emits long, continuous strands of spaghetti. The process with aluminum extrusion is very similar, except on a much bigger scale. The process involves workers melting down the metal until it is molten and then transferring it to the extrusion machine. This machine then via a hydraulic or mechanical press, forces the molten aluminum through a steel die at high pressure. If it is a continuous extrusion, the press will continue to force the metal through in one long, continuous section until the piece is done. If it's semi-continous, the press will cut off pieces one by one as it is extruded.

Aluminum Extrusions in the Auto Industry

Aluminum plays a very important role in the auto industry. The metal provides resistance to the long-term environmental effects of temperature, moisture, and the corrosiveness from road salt. Everything from body and frame components to radiator enclosures, drive shafts and cylinder liners may be made from aluminum extrusions.

Extruded aluminum's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it the perfect metal to be used in the auto industry. Allowing the the vehicles to carry more, be faster, and all at a lower cost because of it being lightweight and strong.

Extruded Aluminum in Construction

Extruded aluminum products for construction are versatile, both in application and production. For example, lightweight extruded aluminum paneling and guide rails are common in trailer, shed, and furniture construction, however, denser structures are becoming more common.

Extruded aluminum isn't just limited to exterior design and function though. Lighting fixtures, elevator shafts, and stairwells all employ many different applications of extruded aluminum. Additionally, while aluminum can't makeup the basic skeleton of a building it does accent and aids the structure in the interior of the building. Integrated extruded aluminum designs are featured in almost all areas of building construction including plumbing. Below are some examples from a recent project that we just finished.

Recently Completed Custom Extruded Aluminum Project

Custom Solutions

4' x 8' - Assembly Table

This table is ideal for shop assemblers that need that extra work area, for those larger jobs.

18" x 30" Angle Cart

This mobile 18" x 30" cart features a 30 degree angled top. For other sizes, please contact us.

Robot Frame Base Kit-Form

Use this "generic" frame kit as the foundation for your robotic competition project.

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