Carbon Fiber Round Tube Profiles

The CarboSix system is based on structural and modular profiles made of carbon fiber composites.  Using a new breakthrough technology called Pullwinding, carbon fiber tubes are stronger than ever!   The CarboSix carbon fiber tubes are inherantly stronger than "roll-wrapped" rod formed tubes, and can be manufactured at longer lengths as a result of not being constrained by the size of the "wrap".  Carbon fiber tubes are ideal for many applications, such as:


  • Robotics and Automation
  • Telesoping poles
  • Metrology instrumentation
  • Idler rollers
  • Drone components
  • Telescopes
  • Industrial machines
  • Aerospace applications


View: C6-TUBE-10x7

Part No.:C6-TUBE-10X7/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-15x9

Part No.:C6-TUBE-15X9/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-24x21

Part No.:C6-TUBE-24X21/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-28x25

Part No.:C6-TUBE-28X25/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-32x29

Part No.:C6-TUBE-32X29/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-40x37

Part No.:C6-TUBE-40X37/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-50x46

Part No.:C6-TUBE-50X46/4M

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View: C6-TUBE-60x55

Part No.:C6-TUBE-60X55/4M

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