Connection Screws

Connection Screws are an inexpensive connection method that facilitates a fast assembly.  An access hole is required at the connection point of the joining piece of extrusion in order to tighten the connection screw in place.  To fasten, the connection screw is inserted into the tapped end of an extrusion.  Next, the head of the screw slides into the T-slot of the joining piece of extrusion until it is visible through the access hole.  Then simply tighten the screw with a screwdriver or hex wrench through the access hole.  The butterfly clip prevents the extrusion from twisting out of place.

View: CS261/4-20HEX

Part No.:CS261/4-20HEX


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View: DCS261/4-20HEX

Part No.:DCS261/4-20HEX


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View: CS325/16-18HEX

Part No.:CS325/16-18HEX


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View: CS06M6HEX

Part No.:CS06M6HEX


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View: 1.5" Series Double End Fastener
1.5" Series Double End Fastener

Part No.:DEFC32


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View: 1.5" Series End Fastener
1.5" Series End Fastener

Part No.:EFC32


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View: 1" Series Double End Fastener
1" Series Double End Fastener

Part No.:DEFC26


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View: 1" Series End Fastener
1" Series End Fastener

Part No.:EFC26


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View: CS061/4-20HEX

Part No.:CS061/4-20HEX


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View: CS08M8HEX

Part No.:CS08M8HEX


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View: CS08516HEX

Part No.:CS08516HEX


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View: CS10M12HEX

Part No.:CS10M12HEX


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View: CS08S8HEX - Self Tapping
CS08S8HEX - Self Tapping

Part No.:CS08S8HEX


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View: CS08S8TORX - Self Tapping
CS08S8TORX - Self Tapping

Part No.:CS08S8TORX


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View: CS10S12Hex - Self Tapping
CS10S12Hex - Self Tapping

Part No.:CS10S12HEX


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View: CS10S12TORX - Self Tapping
CS10S12TORX - Self Tapping

Part No.:CS10S12TORX


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