Inch Aluminum Profiles

Two of the most important things a manufacturing engineer needs: flexibility and speed.  With T-Slot Aluminum, you get that and more.  No need to weld, no need to clamp, and no need to cut and finish.  Additionally, it's corrosion resistance makes it sought after by almost every industry and costs less than welding/finishing steel. Get whatever you need built fast and strong with our inch-series profile of extruded aluminum.

The Aluminum Rule and Framing Tech’s T-slot Aluminum Inch Profiles

Customers often ask why we carry essentially the same line of extruded aluminum T-slot profiles, but in two different measuring systems: metric and fractional (inch). The reason, quite simply, is convenience. While most of the rest of the world works almost exclusively using metric measurements, the United States remains very much a two-system country, where both metric and fractional (or imperial) measurements are used, depending on the application, and often side by side. For example, a custom fabrication may need to be designed to fit into a space originally measured out in inches; and in that instance, it would be appropriate to use inch profiles to build the fabrication for a perfect fit. And some do-it-yourselfers just prefer to think in inches rather than metrically.

But whether the fabrication is built using metric or inch aluminum profiles, in many instances about 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. By incorporating our Aluminum T-slot Extrusion and accessories into your projects, we can help you achieve this by decreasing your design time, assembly time, and increasing your overall efficiency.

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