Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. T-slot aluminum is no different. Framing Tech is proud to offer a wide variety of workplace solutions to fit all your needs. Need a sign? We can build that. Workbenches? We build them too. Whatever the requirement, big or small we can make sure you get the best solution possible. Don't see what you're looking for? We also offer a whole line of custom solutions to fit your specifications. Give us a call or email a sketch and we can provide you with a custom aluminum solution built specifically based on your specifications and measurements.

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Router Sled Kits

One of the primary purposes of a wood router sled is to allow you to flatten lumber and boards that are too big for a jointer or a planer. (This is why a router sled is sometimes also called a “slab-flattening jig.”) A dedicated machine to accomplish that feat would take up a huge amount of space in a woodworking shop, would not be easily portable, and might cost upward of $20,000. At a fraction of that cost, clearly Framing Tech’s router sled kits are a much more economical solution.


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