Aquarium Stands

Aquarium Stands

Aquarium lovers around the world are adopting aluminum as their material of choice when constructing their aquatic biomes.  Our anodized aluminum aquarium stands are corrosion resistant and will outperform similar steel and wood frames over the test of time.  The strength and versatility of our various sized profiles are perfect for creating a unique structure for your aquarium stand, regardless of size or weight.  All of our designs go through a structural analysis process to make sure that they will stay standing for years to come.  If you need any assistance with your design, please reach out to us and include:

  • Please send your complete contact information (shipping & billing) so we can generate a quotation.
  • Gallon capacity of your tank?
  • Ideal Length x Depth x Height of your final stand?
  • Do you need leveling feet or full horizontal lengths across the bottom?
  • Do you need lower bracing for a shelf to house a Sump / ATO?  If so, what is the gallon capacity?
  • You may also send a sketch & any additional criteria or special requirements to make your custom tank-stand the best possible solution for your application.
Note: When selecting accessories, please make sure that the accessories match the t-slot size of your framing system.



Small Aquarium Stands

  • Perfect for aquariums with a gallon capacity between 10g and 120g.
  • 4 legged design offers full access to lower sump area.
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Medium Aquarium Stands

  • Perfect for aquariums with a gallon capacity between 120g and 210g.
  • 6 legged design offers increased support to the tank.
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Large Aquarium Stands

  • Perfect for aquariums with a gallon capacity between 220g and beyond.
  • Multi-legged design offers support exactly where the structure needs it.
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Aquarium Stand Q & A's

"This company was a pleasure to work with."

We had a tight schedule to keep and in a way it was unrealistic, but Framing tech did everything in there power to help us. The project is completed and the frames we made with this company are incredibly strong durable and will last for decades. I highly recommend using this company if you are looking for aluminum extrusions.

David Espinoza


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