Aquarium Stands

Aquarium lovers around the world are adopting aluminum as their material of choice when constructing their aquatic biomes.  Our anodized aluminum is corrosion resistant and will outperform similar steel and wood frames over the test of time.  The strength and versatility of our various sized profiles are perfect for creating a unique structure for your aquarium, regardless of size or weight.  If you need any assistance with your design, please don't hesitate to contact us today!

Additional available options include: 

  • Powdercoat Services 
  • Enclosing the Base with Panels (Acrylic, Mesh, HDPE, ABS, etc..)
  • Hinged / Sliding Doors or Compartments
  • Cable Management
Note: When purchasing accessories, please make sure that the accessories match the t-slot size of your framing system.



View: 24x24x36 Aquarium Stand
24x24x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-24x24x36


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View: 36x24x36 Aquarium Stand
36x24x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-36x24x36


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View: 48x24x36 Aquarium Stand
48x24x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-48x24x36


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View: 60x24x36 Aquarium Stand
60x24x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-60x24x36


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View: 72x18x36 Black Aquarium Stand
72x18x36 Black Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-18x72x36


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View: 72x24x36 Aquarium Stand
72x24x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-72x24x36


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View: 72x30x36 Aquarium Stand
72x30x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-30x72x36


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View: 96x36x36 Aquarium Stand
96x36x36 Aquarium Stand

Part No.:FTI-Tank-Stand-96x36x36


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