We now offer a wide range of belt conveyors that can be tailored to your specific product conveying needs!  Our extruded aluminum t-slot framing allows for custom sized designs that are created to fit your ideal production area.  We work with industry leading conveyor, belt, and motor manufactures to offer you the highest quality components.

We have 3 main belt conveyor "series" available that include our 20 Series, 50 Series and 95 Series which allows for a wide range of applications.  20 Series belt conveyors are often used for small, lightweight, product conveying needs.  Our 50 Series belt conveyors are the most commonly used and apply to the great majoriity of applications due the their versatility in size, speed and capacity.  The 95 Series belt conveyors are heavy duty, and feature the highest weight capacity and speed of all of the Series offerings.   

The 50 Series and 95 Series conveyors are available in unidirectional (Direct Drive) or bidirectional (Central Drive) motorizations, however the 20 Series conveyors are avalable in unidirectional (Direct Drive) only.  Direct Drive motors are mounted onto an end idler roller and operate by "pulling" the belt across the top surface of the conveyor bed.  The motor can be placed on either side of the conveyor, and can be mounted in various orientations to avoid any conflicts.  Central Drive motors are mounted onto the side of a small enclosure under the conveyor.  Inside this small enclosure is the motor pully and a couple of tension rollers.  These tension rollers facilitate the bidirectional movement by allowing the belt to remain taught when the conveyor changes directions.

The correct Series of conveyor can be difficult to figure out on your own, so let us do that for you!  Send us the specifics of your application and we'll create a design and send you a quote.

For all conveyor inquires, please provide the following information:

- Conveyor Footprint size (Length, Width, Height)

- Product type (food, parts, boxes...etc)

- Product dimenions and weight

- Necessary speed (if applicable)

- Motorization (unidirectional or bidirectional)

- Side Guides

- Accumulation of goods (this will allow products to "queue" if they can't be offloaded fast enough - impacts belt type)

- Belt type (this may be determined by information given above)

- Sheet (stainless or galvanized conveyor bed - surface that directly supports the belt)


Common conveyor applications include: assembly lines, food handling, inspection, part sorting, palletizing, packaging solutions and workstations.  Please contact us to learn more about our custom sized conveyor products!


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