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Aluminum Enclosures and Machine Guarding Systems

At Framing Tech, we understand that certain jobs require more safety and protection than others, and some need specialty devices to accomplish that. That's why we're proud of our catalog of aluminum enclosure solutions and machine guarding systems.

If you're looking for control room enclosures, safe rooms, forensic evidence chambers or even general equipment and machinery enclosures or safe workstation solutions, you've come to the right place. Our full line of built-to-last structures will provide you with a safe and economic solution for your all of your professional needs.

Don't see what you're looking for on this page? Feel free to give us a call to discuss what you're looking for, and we can provide you with a custom aluminum enclosure built specifically for you based on your specifications and measurements.

If it's a part or accessory you are looking for, be sure to take a look through our thorough online product catalog, as well.

View: Control Room Enclosure
Control Room Enclosure

Specifically built for Dyno Testing Prototype internal combustion engines. Aluminum panels installed on lower half and clear polycarbonate on upper half, protects the operators during catostophic failure.

View: Curing Cabinet
Curing Cabinet

This custom-sized curing cabinet was sized to accommodate a raw-material pallet for curing wafers for the manufacture of semiconductor materials.

Aluminum frame breadboard cart
Custom Breadboard Cart

A 3x4 foot rolling platform that has an extruded top, making equipment mounting options infinitely adjustable.

Custom Operator Workstation
Custom Operator Workstation

This custom designed & built workstation incorporates many operator convenience items.

Equipment Enclosure with Man-Door Access
Equipment Enclosure

Automation equipment enclosure to provide a safe operator environment. Custom size based on the available footprint needed by the robot placed inside.

View: Ergonomic Workstation
Ergonomic Workstation

This H-D station was designed in conjunction with personnel from the USPS to incorporate the weighing parcels, scanning, labeling, & then off-putting them to integrated conveyor lines located off the back of the stations.

Extruded Top Prototype/Fixturing Cart
Extruded Top Cart

Virtually any size and weight capacity available with an extruded top allowing for infinite equipment mounting positions.

View: Fixture Frame
Fixture Frame

Angled fixture frame used for aligning fixture components for mounting and assembly

View: Folding Spool Table
Folding Spool Table

Custom designed Roll-media Storage rack used in a clean-lab used for cutting consumable media in a process application.

Forensic Enclosure for Evidence Examination
Forensic Evidence Chamber

This custom-sized enclosure was built for an OEM that supplies custom Forensic chambers for evidence examination and storage.

 Forensic Enclosure for Evidence Examination CA60S Fume Chamber
Forensic Fume Chamber

This custom-sized enclosure was built for an OEM that supplies custom Forensic chambers for evidence examination and storage.

View: Sheet Media Storage Rack
Sheet Media Storage Rack

This heavy duty storage rack had a 600 lb. capacity per shelf & was used in a specialty packaging operation to house various types of large format sheet materials.


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