Threaded Insert, M8 Internal Thread

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  • Metric profile connector
  • Allows the fastening of two pieces together end to side
  • Self taps into a 10mm center-bore, which allows for a M8 thread
  • Used for profiles with a 10mm center-bore

Machining Requirements:

  • Mounting profile requires:
    • No machining required

Tools Required:

  • 8mm Hex wrench (Allen Key)

Technical Specifications:

Gusset Material
Finish Zinc Plated
Color Silver

by Joshua Freed on 06/01/22

This isn't described well in the catalog, but it works well. without requirig tapping of the end of the extrusion, this self taps and fits into 10 mm slotted extrusion ends giving an m8 thread. To insert, use an M8 SHCS with the las threads just under the head, and any radius removed. Thread the SHCS into the insert and then thread the insert into the end of the extrusion. Use a little threa lock compountd on the exterior and make sure it is flush or below flush with the end of the extrusion before backing out the SHCS.

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