That word versatility is bandied about quite often nowadays, but what do we really mean by it? At least insofar as it relates to custom aluminum fabrications, the elemental properties of that abundant metal practically embody the concept of versatility—namely, its malleability, ductility, corrosion-resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, and so on. Add to that the countless configurations made possible by Framing Tech’s modular T-slot system of aluminum extrusions—not to mention the myriad optional attachments available (connectors, fasteners, doors, panels, accessories, etc.)—and you have a framing environment that is the very epitome of versatility. Taken together, these aforementioned factors equate to almost limitless customization possibilities.

This has not only enabled Framing Tech to offer a comprehensive set of popular pre-fab constructions, but more importantly it allows us to tailor custom aluminum solutions designed to meet the specifications of any conceivable project. In that way we practice the philosophy of providing the “right tool for the job.” The results are on display at our Custom Aluminum Solutions page.


Where Custom Aluminum Shines: Workplace Safety

Like our customers, we consider safety to be of paramount importance in the workplace. Our custom equipment enclosures are a case in point. Designed with workers’ welfare in mind, these machine guards are intended to protect the equipment operators from moving parts and passersby from flying debris. But different machines come in different sizes, and there is no single “correctly” sized kit for a machine guard.

Equipment enclosure

If the machine is particularly tall or wide, then its enclosure would need to be correspondingly enlarged; and we are happy to custom-design it for you. Best of all, given aluminum’s lightness, strength, and sturdiness, it can easily handle the increased weight of the enclosure, not to mention any necessary add-ons such as panels, doors, pneumatic tubing, electronic cabling, HMI (human-machine interface) components, safety switches, vision systems, etc.

Moreover, given that aluminum is a naturally corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean metal due to its self-protecting oxide layer, it lends itself perfectly to fabrications where its surfaces may be exposed indoors or outdoors to any number of synthetic or naturally occurring chemical substances, whether in a kitchen, laboratory, factory, or natural environment.

In a forensic laboratory setting, for example, where there is no room for error through contamination, we have the skills and experience in constructing evidence chambers and fume chambers, customized with perforated shelving, airtight tempered glass walls, panel gaskets, and door seals. These same techniques could be just as easily applied to a custom lab station or walk-in freezer to minimize the risk of damage to the enclosure through leakage.

Workstations often need to be designed not just around the task at hand but around the operators themselves, which can be seen in our custom operator SAM workstation or the ergonomic USPS weight station. Designs were made from the ground up to ensure that the worker not only could get the job done with all the tools necessary readily at their disposal by way of T-slot modular attachments; but also do it efficiently and in comfort. As an example, the tempered glass panels in the aforementioned SAM station provide a clear view of the process while protecting the worker from noise. These principles carry over no matter the job to be done.

Custom operator workstation

Let Us Show You the Possibilities

The point above all else really comes down to this: If it can be imagined, then in all likelihood it can be built with T-slot extrusions. Our custom aluminum constructions can be of service no matter the specifics of your design. Take a look at our selection of custom aluminum solutions—and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the special parameters of whatever project you have in mind.

Custom aluminum solutions