When receiving a kit-form solution from Framing Tech, you will get a complete ready to assemble solution. The aluminum extrusion will be machined and labeled. The parts will be packaged individually with their proper hardware. A bill of material list will be provided along with a drawing of how to put the solution together. For an example, we will use a standard Framing Tech “Work Table.” When you first receive the kit, please open the bill of material and check to see that all components are accounted for.

Bill of Material (BOM)


The first part of this bill of material list will show what type of material, the machining of each piece, the quantity, and the length of each extrusion. The item number corresponds to the balloon numbers on the drawing. The second part of the bill of material list will show the items that are included in order to assemble the kit.

Technical Drawings

The drawing that is included in the kit, should be used for reference to tell the assembler where parts go and if any additional notes. A quick rendering of what the final solution would look like will also be attached to the drawing.

Assembly Instructions

To assemble the work table follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure that the leveling foot (LF60NNM1266) stud has a jam nut threaded on before inserting it into the end of piece #1. Next with a rubber mallet tap the leveling foot pad onto the ball end of the stud. Repeat for the other 3 legs.
  2. Next load the struts with the quick connectors (QC10V), by first inserting the barrel part first into the 17mm diameter holes, and then inserting the bolt into the profiles center bore. Tighten the set screw until it just grabs the bolt.
  3. Now for the construction, this can be done any which way you desire, the way we suggest is:
  • Build the table upside down on a hard surface.
  • Grab pieces #1, 2, 3, and 6.
  • Place piece #2 down with 3/16” drilled holes facing upward and the smooth side facing outward (Remember we are building the table upside down).
  • Then place piece #1, with the leveling foot pad facing up, over the bolts hammer head. Once in place tighten the quick connector to draw piece #1 into piece #2. Do the same to the other end, and repeat this step for the other side of the table.
  • Place both pieces #3 down with the 3/16” drilled holes facing upward and the smooth side facing outward (mirrored). Square off one end and measure and mark distance for placement of piece #6. With the 3/16” drilled holes facing up, slide the bolt of the quick connector on piece #6 in to the T-slots of piece #3. Place into position and tighten both quick connectors of piece #6.
  • Next, with “Step e” still down place one of the sides from “Step d” over the bolt’s hammer head, of piece #3s, and tighten the quick connectors. Repeat this step for the other side.
  • Grab pieces #4 and 5.
  • Place both piece #4s onto flat surface with the smooth sides facing outward (mirrored). Square off one end and measure and mark the distance for the placement of piece#5. Slide one of the pieces #4, over the bolt of one end of piece #5, and place into position and tighten the quick connector on piece #5. Repeat for other side.
  • Mark and measure the distance need for the lower shelf, on all the pieces of #1.
  • Tip work table on to the front face (long side down).
  • Next slide and place the loose piece #5 in between the pieces of #1, and tighten the quick connectors.
  • Slide the shelf sub assembly “Step h” in between the pieces of the #1s and tighten all 4 quick connectors.
  • Tip table right side up and check to make sure all connections are squared.
  • Using a level on the top rails, adjust the leveling feet by unscrewing the stud until table is level. Once into position tighten the jam nut.
  • This kit does not come with a table top unless ordered. However with a table top placed squarely on to the frame, the assembler only has to screw into the top through the 3/16” drilled holes on the bottom of pieces #2, 3, and 6.

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