Whether you’re working on a full structural or modular aluminum framing project or a more simple task, Framing Tech has the pieces you need to build a complete and economical solution.

Our extruded aluminum T-slot framing (metric profiles and inch profiles) come in all shapes and sizes. Yet these aluminum extrusions can’t just assemble themselves. Specialty fasteners, connectors, and other accessories are needed to attach one piece solidly to another to create a stable structure. And still other accessories extend the practical utility of your fabrications, and even add aesthetic value to what you build.

Here is an overview of those specialty fasteners and other accessories.



What makes T-slot aluminum so special is that you don’t need to clamp, weld, shape, grind, or finish the aluminum to complete a great project. All you have to do is connect the inch or metric profiles together with our sturdy connectors.

Most essential are our Quick Connectors, which are easy to use, adjustable, and very strong. The video below demonstrates how to use Quick Connectors when assembling T-slot aluminum frames.

All our connectors are designed to make fast work of assembling your T-slot aluminum creations, and include:

  • Quick connectors
  • Tilt connectors
  • Milling connectors
  • Bolt connectors
  • T-connectors
  • Cube connectors
  • Connection screws
  • Connection plates
  • Connection links
  • Universal fasteners
  • Gussets
  • Corner gussets
  • Corner brackets
  • Corner bracket radius
  • Pivot joints
  • Threaded insert


While Connectors are typically used to  assemble individual T-slot aluminum profiles together, our Fasteners for the most part are intended to mount accessories to the completed assembly.

For that reason, different aluminum framing projects require different fastening pieces. For most projects, our economy nuts are both inexpensive and durable, and make a perfect joint right where you need it. For specialty framing needs, see our T-nuts and other fastening options, which include:

  • T-bolts
  • T-nuts
  • Standard T-nuts
  • Drop-in T-nuts
  • Economy nuts
  • Roll-in nuts
  • Square nuts
  • T-slot nuts

Frame-to-Floor Accessories

Your finished project needs to be positioned somewhere, right? Most of the time you’ll want it attached solidly to the floor. For that purpose we offer a large selection of floor brackets and base plates. If you want it to be mobile, on the other hand, we have casters for that. Does it need to have adjustable height? Check out our line of leveling feet. It makes no difference whether the profile is inch or metric size, as we carry solutions for both. Get your project to stand on its own with our T-slot aluminum mounting solutions, which include:

  • Leveling feet
  • Floor brackets
  • Base plates
  • Casters

Door Accessories

Do you need a door for your T-slot aluminum workstation or enclosure? Door types range from standard swinging, barn-style-sliding, bi-folding, vertically opening counterbalanced via gas-spring, rotary-spring or dead-weight, etc. Our door accessories are universally accepted with both our inch and metric extruded aluminum profiles, and include:

  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Latches
  • Bi-fold door kit
  • Slide door

Panel Accessories

When it comes to certain types of fabrications—such as enclosures, workstations, and other extruded aluminum framing projects—aesthetics can be just as important as practical utility. Some of the more common panel materials we work with are Lexan™ (polycarbonate), Plexiglass™ (acrylic), wire mesh, ACP (aluminum-clad panel), tempered or laminated safety glass, or virtually any panel material. If you want to add panels to your project, our T-slot reducing and mounting accessories are designed to fit both metric and inch profiles:

  • T-slot reducers
  • Panel trim
  • Uniblocks
  • Zinc uniblocks
  • Universal uniblocks
  • Glass panel clamps
  • Mesh frames

Other T-slot Accessories

And that’s just the beginning. In addition to a wide variety of connectors, fasteners, leveling feet, casters, doors, latches, and panels, you’ll find at Framing Tech an abundance of quality accessories to customize your T-slot aluminum fabrication just the way you want it, including:

  • Cable blocks
  • Counter-balance spring
  • Cup holders
  • End caps
  • Profile sliders
  • Sensor mounting blocks
  • Roller mounting blocks
  • Roller wheels
  • T-slot covers
  • Tread profiles
  • HMI mounts
  • Locking handles
  • Machining jigs
  • Tool hanger
  • Carriage bearing

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our online catalog, please feel free to contact us for personal assistance. We are happy to explore your specific needs to find a custom solution.

Framing Tech also offers a full range of services, including certified CAD design, waterjet cutter (5′ × 10′), computer numerical control (CNC) panel router, CNC press brake, and more. We want to help you make your project as successful as it can be, no matter how big or small the task!