Past users of Framing Tech’s aluminum T-slot extrusions are already familiar with their myriad features and advantages: strength, durability, stability, corrosion-resistance, and ease of assembly are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether custom-designed or out-of-the-box fabrications, they are practically perfect for their designated application. But there is always room for improvement. So how do you improve on perfection? With Framing Tech’s T-slot accessories, of course! Here is an overview of our most popular ones.

Cable Blocks

Does your design have a tangled bird’s nest of cables and tubing? Our Cable Binders will help organize and manage your stray cables. If you have a large bundle to retain, just use our economical cross-cable binder and zip-tie of your choice to tie up the loose ends. These are easily positioned and are infinitely movable along any t-slot.


Counter-Balance Spring

Ideal for vertical sliding doors and tooling applications, each spring can support weights from 4 to 35 lbs. (dead weight test). The cables come in 1/16″ or 3/32″ widths, with a maximum cable length of 8 feet long. The cables are a strong galvanized 7 × 7 preformed aircraft cable, testing at well over 500 lbs.


Cup Holder

Do you remember the old story (perhaps apocryphal, or possibly true) about the IT help desk technician who got a complaint about how the computer’s retractable cup holder had stopped working? Turns out the user thought the computer’s CD tray was a cup holder. D’oh. Well, ours are the real deal! A great accessory for any workstation or desk, Framing Tech’s cup holder is ideal for beverages hot or cold. It can also double as a hand-drill holster (ahem, but not as a CD tray).


End Caps

Our end caps provide a safe and smooth surface designed to cover and protect the exposed ends of your T-slot extrusion. They install by inserting them into the profile ends using a soft-faced mallet. To create a cap that sits flush with your extrusion, be sure to cut the length of extrusion 4mm shorter.


Profile Sliders

Our profile sliders are an excellent choice for use in dynamic applications like carriages, movable rails, and panels, as well as vertical sliding doors. They mount to the extrusion via M4 set screws and come in a variety of positioning configurations. The Delrin® body has a very low drag coefficient and prevents wear in medium-cycle applications.


Roller Mounting Blocks

Roller Mounting Blocks are a great way to add conveyor rollers to your assembly line! They mount to your frame with a simple screw and T-nut, and provide a strong adjustable mounting position. Individual rollers can be replaced without dismantling the entire system. One side of the block is for mounting to an 8mm T-slot extrusion, the other is for mounting to a 10mm T-slot extrusion.


Roller Wheels

These Roller Wheels are useful in guiding moving parts along the T-slot. All of our roller wheels come with ball bearings that provide a smooth and consistent gliding movement. These mount to the frame with a shoulder bolt and a T-nut.


Sensor Mounting Blocks

These Sensor Mounting Blocks are an excellent way to mount proximity switches to the side of aluminum profiles. They feature a toothed bushing that lets you adjust the sensor orientation to your desired angle. The mounting blocks attach to your frame with a simple M4 socket-head cap-screw and a T-nut.


T-Slot Cover

A T-slot Cover is a great way to keep dust and debris out of the T-slots of your frame, hide unsightly wires and cables, and create a clean look for your environment. Available colors include: black, red, grey, blue, green, and safety yellow. Using colored T-slot covers is a clever way to color-designate certain products, guard areas, inspection stations, and more!
We also offer an aluminum T-slot cover that matches our aluminum frames perfectly.


Tread Profile


A Tread Profile is an excellent way to gain a little more traction with your design. It can also be used as a basic guard bumper. Simply press it directly into the T-slot to create a protective, non-skid surface. Ideal for use with steps, ladders, and media carts, where there’s a need to prevent items from slipping.


HMI Mounts

Our HMI Mounts are built to order and can be sized to suit your mounting needs. They feature a pivoting monitor or control panel mount with a locking (via tension) handle that lets you first adjust the HMI angle. We offer sizes starting at 12″, and go up to 48″ long. Add pivot joints to create an articulating arm-set to wrap around corners or place the HMI even closer to an operator’s proximity.


Locking Handles

These handles utilize a ratcheting feature to let you easily reposition the handle’s orientation.


Machining Jigs

Our machining jigs are a great way to create repeatable precision hole placements. These jigs make it much easier to build with our extrusion, as it saves you the time that it would take for you to dimension each hole!


Tool Hangers

Never again hunt for tools stuffed in your pocket or hidden under a blueprint. Keep them in sight and organized with these handy tool hanger accessories.

Once you’ve decided on a T-slot solution, be sure to shop around for just the right set of T-slot accessories for your application.