Today’s automation equipment manufacturers face ever tightening schedule demands. Engineering departments are running leaner than ever with reduced head-count and more responsibilities. A one week advantage in lead time may be the difference in being awarded a project. Pricing is obviously another determining factor in small or large projects. Once a project is underway it’s critical to have a partnership with a vendor who can exceed expectations in design expertise, material recommendation and fulfillment at the lowest possible cost.

T-slotted aluminum profiles are a globally accepted solution for automation equipment and provide a lowering of design and development times using a “standardized” product approach. In dealings with Framing Tech, you are working directly with the manufacturer. No waiting for a call-back after leaving a voicemail that might be returned from a firm or distributor representative. Most applications typically use the same sizes of extrusions and accessory hardware, so a comfort level is quickly achieved in design as well as build. Using our Solidworks 3d design software we can assist in the refinement of your design or provide a clean sheet layout, complete with b.o.m. for any type of structure.

A common challenge for engineers is to receive a project proposal for an extruded aluminum frame assembly in a timely fashion without necessarily providing allot of specific details. Tell us you need a ballpark estimate and we can usually provide that within hours, not days. Our internal mandate is to provide a detailed quotation in 24 hours or less and we do it! All Framing Tech employees are running high speed computers utilizing multiple monitors and have their email and cell phones on virtually 24/7.

Effective communications is key to success. Our sole focus is working with and providing solutions using our modular aluminum profiles. Knowing what our customers face as challenges drives us to respond quickly because we know a project delivery date or future potential work “hangs in the balance.” Any advantage we can offer our customers will only make them more profitable.

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Chris Hill is the President and CEO of Framing Technology, Inc. Connect with him on  and Twitter.