The Society of Robots reports that carbon fiber has become an essential material for robots now and in the future, because it is very strong in compression and tension while being exceptionally lightweight. Robotic components, particularly , can be fabricated into any size or shape with the benefit being:

  1. Reduced weight
  2. Increased part stiffness
  3. Improved automation processes

Industrial automations’ increased speed and greater precision is vital for improved efficiency, and one way to achieve this is through reduced weight and increased stiffness of robotic parts. The benefits of carbon fiber, as explained here by Antonio Gervosi, from CarboSix, translate directly to:

  • Increased speed on the production line
  • Higher precision
  • Reduced motor and actuator loads
  • Improved reliability

Carbon Fiber Saves Money!

In addition to the above benefits, companies can reduce operating costs by using carbon fiber extrusion, for example, as the support system for their end of arm tooling.  If a company has a robot capable of lifting 100 kg, their end of arm tooling might take up half of that weight capacity, and the other half would be the object that the robot is trying to move or manipulate.  By means of carbon fiber extrusion, companies using industrial robots and cobots, smaller robots that work alongside human workers, could reduce the weight of the end of arm tooling. Using carbon fiber in robotic components, offers the potential for manufacturing companies to significantly reduce their cost of doing business. These combined benefits contributed to the exclusive partnership between Framing Tech and CarboSix.

Framing Tech is The Exclusive North American Distributor of CarboSix

CarboSix created carbon fiber profiles utilizing the combined use of new breakthrough technology called Pultrusion and Pullwinding. This produces a significantly stronger tube than other carbon fiber tubes, which are created by wrapping a carbon fiber sheet around a rod to create the final shape. These innovative tubes are easily integrated into an existing design or structure due to the versatility of the T-slot, a unique feature provided by Framing Tech.

Framing Tech sells aluminum and carbon fiber extrusions, as well as related assembly hardware, directly to end users like FANUC America Corporation – the leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation.  

FANUC’s Robodrill boasts an unbeatable tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing 4 kg. Their new advanced version is both the fastest and strongest vertical machining center on the market.

Framing Tech’s dedication to end users and its commitment to offering a wide variety of custom workplace solutions drove their strategic decision to partner with CarboSix over other manufacturers of carbon fiber.

Why is CarboSix unique?

CarboSix is the world’s only modular profile in carbon fiber, offering these carbon fiber advantages:

  • Structural modularity of aluminum and same processing, from cutting to perforation
  • Accessories like aluminum and identical installation and fastening systems
  • High dimensional precision (narrow tolerance range)
  • Certified mechanical properties
  • In stock in 6-meter bars

Carbon Fiber is the Future

Carbon Fiber could be used to support stadium roofs

In dezeen magazine, Achim Menges – architect, professor and the director of the Institute for Computational Design at Stuttgart University – posited that robots could be programmed to build stadium roofs using carbon fiber. The fibrous building material is in the early stages of contributing to the evolution of how things are made. According to Menges, “It’s a pretty dramatic shift, a kind of fourth industrial revolution. In addition to robotic parts, the full possibilities of carbon fiber profiles in construction are still yet to be revealed.”

The low-weight, high-strength and cost-efficient properties of carbon fiber will impact the robotics and design industry exponentially. Framing Technology’s partnership with CarboSix positions it to be a leading world innovator.

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