Framing Tech’s modular aluminum extrusions are used extensively in various settings—from large industrial complexes to in-house ateliers to private homes. The framed fabrications, which are lightweight, sturdy, and rust-resistant, are made up of extruded aluminum profiles of various lengths (metric or inch), with a variety of connectors and fasteners to hold the components together. Accessories of all types, such as doors, panels, and frame-to-floor leveling feet, can be added as needed. The easy-to-install and alter-as-needed profiles require very few tools for assembly. One might even think of them as resilient Legos for grownups with tasks to tackle!

Wait…What? Aluminum? Tell Us More!

Aluminum is derived from bauxite ore, which is mined in several parts of the world, with Australia and Guinea known to have the largest reserves. According to the Aluminum Association, bauxite reserves are estimated at 40 to 75 billion metric tons and are projected to last for centuries. No surprise there, considering this metal is the most abundant on Earth’s surface. So aluminum framing is here to stay!

Fun Fact:

In 1821, a geologist named Pierre Berthier discovered a reddish, clay-like material. He found that the substance, later named bauxite (after the village where it was found), consisted of about 50 percent aluminum oxide (source: Earth Magazine).

The Aluminum Extruders Council explains the extrusion process quite simply this way:

The extrusion process creates linear shapes made from a die. The aluminum alloy, in the form of a billet or log, is heated to a malleable state and then pushed through that die using a hydraulic press. The newly shaped metal comes out of the press and onto a runout table to then be cut and further processed.

The video below beautifully illustrates the process.

Why Extruded Aluminum Framing Is a Good Choice for Most Projects

Where to start? Aluminum is…


Approximately a third of the weight of steel and iron, aluminum also boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes extruded aluminum the perfect choice for aeronautics, transportation, infrastructure, and other small-scale uses.


The shipping and handling costs for extruded aluminum framing are considerably lower than for heavy metal-fabrications. In addition, the profiles are cost-effective on account of their durability.


Through the process of extrusion, the sturdiness of the profiles can be configured as needed. While we may freeze when the mercury drops, extruded aluminum framing becomes stronger in the cold!


Based on individual needs, extruded aluminum framing can be configured to meet exact specifications. Heavy-duty tools are not usually needed for assembly.


Once assembled, extruded aluminum framing does not readily leak or loosen over time.


Extruded aluminum framing can be reconfigured to meet altered requirements.


Extruded aluminum framing does not rust (the way iron does) or become tarnished over time. On the contrary, the surface of exposed aluminum bonds with ambient oxygen, forming a naturally occurring oxide that actually serves as a protective patina.

Thermally Conductive

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and cold.


Extruded aluminum framing is well suited for flammable environments and around explosive materials.


Extruded aluminum framing cannot be magnetically charged, making it the material of choice in high-voltage settings and electrical applications.


Extruded aluminum framing does not burn, even at high temperatures.


When heated, extruded aluminum framing does not emit toxic fumes.


With treatment, extruded aluminum framing can be used in areas that need to be shrouded from light, radiation, and sound.


Extruded aluminum framing is often made from recycled aluminum. In turn, discarded framing can be easily recycled.

As with Legos, there are countless ways extruded aluminum framing can be assembled—whether you choose an easy-to-assemble kit configuration or opt for a customizable plan as deemed by your specific requirements. Framing Tech has everything you need to bring your next project to life. Here are some clever uses of extruded aluminum framing:

  • Tabletop partitions designed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 and flu viruses in a bakery in Soho, NY.
  • A hand sanitizer post for a family doctor’s clinic in Marengo, OH.
  • A workbench for a carpenter working out of a sea-facing home in Hilton Head, GA.

What are you going to build with your extruded aluminum framing profiles? Perhaps a gift-wrapping station with slots for ribbons and bows in time for the holiday season? A super-sturdy aquarium stand to end all aquarium stands with tons of storage space? A machine guard that would give the Terminator a run for its money? Contact us and maybe we can help you make it perfect.

When it’s done, perhaps you can send us a photo, which we may feature in one of our future blogs!