If you need a strong and versatile area for crafting or assembly purposes look no further than our various styles of Workbenches and Workstations.  These corrosion resistant frames are perfect for caustic, high humidity and other severe conditions.  Perfect for a workshop, lab or manufacturing environment these tables are modular and can easily be anchored down, linked together or outfitted with a wide variety of accessories.  All of the below tables can be shipped as a kit or fully assembled and measure at 6' x 3' x 32", but can easily be resized for your personal requirements.  We have a wide variety of table top and panel options to choose from when creating your ideal workstation, so please don't hesitate to contact us!

View: Workbench A
Workbench A

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-A

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View: Workbench B
Workbench B

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-B

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View: Workbench C
Workbench C

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-C

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View: Workbench D
Workbench D

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-D

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View: Workbench D Style 2
Workbench D Style 2

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-D2

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View: Workbench E
Workbench E

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-E

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View: Workbench F
Workbench F

Part No.:FTI-6x3x32-Workbench-F

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