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SAM Station

This specially crafted workstation is tailored for operator convenience, featuring a variety of thoughtful design elements.

Installed in a bustling manufacturing environment in close proximity to a large, noisy machine, this workstation was strategically placed to allow the operator an unobstructed view of the machine's processes, alarms, and overall function. The workstation's upper clear panels, made of tempered safety glass, shield the operator from the machine's noise. A shelf above the laminated worktop supports a CRT monitor, while a glass panel on the surface accommodates an ergonomically positioned LCD flat-panel monitor (not shown). To enhance operator comfort, the station is equipped with a pullout keyboard tray and an adjustable footrest.

In the lower left area, a stainless steel roll-media storage rack provides organized storage. On the lower right, a wire mesh panel promotes increased ventilation for a tamper-proof computer area. The removable drawer units feature hardwood fronts and are constructed from a PVC drawer system with rigid and lightweight bottoms. One drawer is designated for personal items, while the other serves as basic station storage for process documentation.

This workstation's design is a collaborative effort, incorporating input from the manufacturing process engineer and valuable feedback from the operators themselves. Given the limited space in the area, the station is designed to maintain a compact footprint. Having successfully deployed over a dozen variants of this station in the past few years, they continue to function effectively to this day.


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