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USPS Weight Station

This H-D station was designed in conjunction with personnel from the USPS to incorporate the weighing of parcels, scanning, labeling, & then off-putting them to integrated conveyor lines located off the back of the stations.

This heavy duty station was custom built to accommodate a scale located in the lower center section, flanked by two higher sections. The two side sections and top of scale were level; which allowed for easy parcel transfer from the stainless steel surface to the appropriate conveyor line out the back of the station. The upper cantilevered shelf held a computer & scanner controller with the scanner-head suspended from a cross-rail below for easy operator access. An adjustable LCD monitors and keyboard support arm (not shown) was provided on the left outer vertical for process monitoring. The lower area of the station had two pullout shelves for label printers which facilitated fast & easy roll-change for the consumable label media.


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