…White Elephants, Indoor Go-Carts,
and Pit BBQ are so delightful!

It’s not only the season to spend time with our families, but also a great time to enjoy our co-workers! For this year’s company Holiday Party we started off the festivities with a Pizza Party and a White Elephant gift event.

We then trudged through the snow-covered streets on our way over to “hit the fast track” at the RPM Raceway (formerly Pole Position) indoor racetrack. There’s nothing that brings a team closer together than screaming around a corner and leaving your co-worker in the dust!

After a lot of laughs (and some questionable driving maneuvers), we were treated to a night of “Heat and Smoke” from the pit-masters at Sticky Lips BBQ. There we feasted—with ties increasingly loosened and belts unbuckled— in celebration of each other’s hard work throughout the year.

We want to take a moment and extend a thank-you to everyone at RPM Raceway and Sticky Lips BBQ for making this year’s Holiday Party a huge success! From all of us at Framing Tech, Happy Holidays!”


Here are a few photo highlights of the festivities….