Although it may seem complicated, the concept behind t-slot aluminum is very simple. The end of each piece of aluminum is shaped like a “T”. What this does is allow you to combine other pieces of aluminum without any welding. T-slot aluminum is modular – i.e., it’s easily changeable. You can move and connect the aluminum profiles however you’d like, with added accessories like angle connectors. Ultimately, you can create anything from workstations, to conveyors, to tradeshow booths, to furniture.

T-Slot Aluminum Metric & Inch Profiles

Approximately 96% of the world uses the metric system. Why? To be honest, it’s much easier to use.  It’s great for working in machinery, since it’s very easy to convert among different units.

Framing Tech proudly offers t-slot aluminum extrusions in the following metric sizes.

  • 20mm with 6mm T-Slot
  • 30mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • 40mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • 40mm with 10mm T-Slot
  • 45mm with 10mm T-Slot
  • 60mm with 10mm T-Slot
  • 90mm with 10mm T-Slot
  • Special Aluminum Extrusions

Framing Tech is also proud to offer t-slot aluminum in standard U.S. measurements.

  • 1.0” with 0.26” T-Slot
  • 2.0” with 0.26” T-Slot
  • 1.5” with 0.32” T-Slot
  • 3.0” with 0.32” T-Slot

T-Slot Aluminum Product Categories



Why T-Slot Aluminum is Your Best Bet

Two of the most important things a manufacturing engineer needs: flexibility and versatility.

With t-slot aluminum, you get that. No need to weld. No need to clamp. A t-slot aluminum project is all simple attachment work. Need additional length? Need shorter length? No problem. T-Slot aluminum is much easier to work with in comparison to welded steel.

But wait, it gets better. T-slot aluminum is also corrosion resistant. It will not rust. And it’s strong, too. Need to build something that will last in the winter weather? T-slot aluminum actually gets stronger with lower temperatures.

Did we mention t-slot aluminum extrusions are also cheaper than welding steel? Sure, steel is typically cheaper – there’s no denying that. But you have to weld it and paint it. And that costs time and money.

What T-Slot Aluminum Is Best for You?

We break our aluminum profiles up into three separate designations – light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.

If you’re creating something like a pet cage, sign frame, partition screen, etc. – light duty t-slot aluminum is your best bet.

If you’re creating machine base legs, machine guarding, enclosures, etc. -- medium duty or heavy duty t-slot aluminum is your best bet. If you’re creating strong rigid frames, heavy duty t-slot aluminum is your best bet.

Need assistance? We understand that this catalog may not answer all your questions. Our goal is to return a quote to you within 24 hours. So give us a call, fill out this contact form or e-mail us a sketch or idea, and let us help frame your idea into reality!