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  • Metric profile connector
  • Used for 45mm with an 10mm T-slot serie profiles
  • Allows the fastening of two pieces of strut at a 45 degree angle
  • There are three types of mounting hardware:
    • "End-to-End" - Pivot Joint mounts to the ends of two connecting profiles.
    • "End-to-Side" - Pivot Joint mounts to the end of first profile and mounts to the side (T-slot) on the second profile
    • "Side-to-Side" - Pivot Joint mounts to the sides (T-slots) of the connecting profiles

Hardware Provided:

  • "End-to-End":
    • (2) CS10S12-Torx
  • "End-to-Side":
    • (1) CS10S12-Torx
    • (1) TB1020W
  • "Side-to-Side":
    • (1) TB1020W
    • (1) TB1020W (sold seperately)

Technical Specifications:

Material Die Cast Aluminum
Finish Plain
Color Silver


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