• Commonly referred to as a BANJO Fastener.
  • Inch profile connector.
  • Connects a 0.32 inch T-slot profile to a 0.32 inch T-slot profile.
  • Referred to as a " Banjo" or an "Anchor" style connector.
  • Versatile connector allowing adjustability while providing a high strength connection.

Machining Requirements:

  • Universal fastener placement:
    • Mill a 25/32"" hole, 11/16" deep
    • 0.855" away from profile end

Tools Required:

  • 3/16" Hex wrench (Allen Key)

Technical Specifications:

Body Material
Screw Material
T-Nut Material
Die Cast Aluminum
Zinc Plated Steel
Zinc Plated Steel
Finish Zinc Plated
Color Silver


3D Modeling:


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