Latches are necessary for most window and door treatments.  Here at Framing Tech the ball detent latch is one of the most commonly use latches available.  It features a versatile way to latch profiles together due to the many different mounting configurations.  The ball catch and double ball catch latches are similar in their design but have a non-intrusive latch mechanism that is ideal for latching panel material directly.  Magnetic latches are a great way to latch panel materials as well as small sized doors.  The holding force of the magnetic latch depends on which side of the magnetic latch is facing the target.  Magnetic latches can be mounted directly to the T-Slot or mounted at 90° to the T-Slot by using a magnetic latch bracket.  Our slam latches work similar to how a traditional door latches.  When it's pushed into it's closed position the latch creates a positive mechanical hold.  Slam latches come in universal, or uniquely keyed locks.

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