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Equipment Enclosure with Man-Door Access

Automation equipment enclosure to provide a safe operator environment. Custom size based on the available footprint needed by the robot placed inside.

Automated machinery is inherently dangerous because of the pneumatic, hydraulic or electrically actuated components moving during the machine process. The best way to isolate this equipment is to enclose it. Framing Tech's modular profiles allow any size, & various panel materials to be utilized to achieve the desired form & function for any type of equipment. From 19th century presses to 21st century high-speed robots we can assist in providing an enclosure solution for your machinery.

Enclosure panels might be constructed using powder-coated steel wire mesh, alumalite, polycarbonate, safety glass, etc. A secondary benefit of having a modular t-slot available is offering a mounting location for pneumatic tubing, electronic cabling & wire-ways, HMIs, safety switches, vision systems, etc. Many door options are available for hinged, sliding, bi-fold or other access to make the best use of the available space.


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