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Fold-up Cutting Table & Roll-Media Storage Rack

Custom designed Roll-media Storage rack used in a clean-lab used for cutting consumable media in a process application.

This custom frame was designed to solve a raw-material storage problem in a "clean" lab that had a limited amount of space. Once a shift a variety of sheet media was required to be cut to size and used in an electronic manufacturing process. The various rolls of media spools are stored on Framing Tech profiles that are mounted on an angle to securely locate them but also make them easy to grab quickly & also monitor the inventory & types of media available. These were formerly just laid on a table or along the floor & stacked on top of one another. The media is then unrolled with a linear counter prior to cutting to length on a UHMW cutting (replaceable) section of the work-top which also incorporated a folding cutting guide to ensure a square cut. A removable take-up roll is at the opposite end to accommodate longer lengths of media prior to cutting to length. When not in use the cutting table portion is easily folded up against the wall-mounted rack to ease an already crowded lab environment.


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