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Ideal for use in the shop, garage, storage, or outside exposed to the natural elements.  Our shelf frames are made with corrosion resistant anodized aluminum profile that holds up well against harsh environments.  We also offer powdercoat services (at an extra charge) to further integrate these shelves into your decor.  Standing shelves offer leveling feet for uneven floors, as well as optional floor brackets for more secure mounting.  Our wall mounted shelving units can attach to a wall or pre-existing frame by various means specific to the environment.  Our engineers are happy to help with a preferred mounting methods that are suitable for your needs.

There are many types of panel combinations for shelving (purchased seperately). The options below are the most common designs. For other options please contact us.

  • No Panels - Is a complete frame assembly. This assembly is ideal for any customized panel material. 
  • Mesh Panels - The panel material is a welded 12 gauge steel wire mesh, arranged for a 1" x 1" grid. The mesh panel is then dipped in black PVC, coating the entire panel. This is ideal for shelving that needs airflow to move between items, eg. drying rack.
  • Polycarb Panels - Also known as Lexan. This is ideal for shelving that needs to be shatterproof with full visibility, eg. display rack.
  • Valuebond Panels - The panel material is an aluminum composite, which has a solid polyethylene core. This is ideal for shelving that needs extra strength with no visibility.
  • Sintra Panels - Sintra is a lightweight yet rigid board.  Made from expanded closed cell PVC, Sintra comes in various different colors.  It's used in storefronts and office environments where there's more of a need for aesthetics than strength.

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