Here at Framing Tech a table isn't just where the family gets together for Dinner, it's where machines are built, deals are made, projects are created and trades are shared.  We offer tables that fit any need.  Many of our various types of aluminum extrusion can be used to create a table that meets your specific load requirements.  We also offer many types of lift systems, casters, leveling feet, and mounting hardware.  Additionaly, various options including shelving, drawers, racks, and lockable enclosures are all available.  Due to shipping fluctuations our table pricing is without the table top included.  Often times table tops are much larger and heavier than can be easily shipped by UPS or Fed-Ex, and special arrangements need to be made.  However, Framing Technology is happy to provide a table top solution at your request.  Do you have a table design that's ready and needs a quote?  Please contact us today!  

View: FTI-Outfeed-Table-92 x 48 x 34
FTI-Outfeed-Table-92 x 48 x 34

Part No.:FTI-Outfeed-Table-92x48x34-LF


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View: FTI-Outfeed-Table-74 x 89 x 34
FTI-Outfeed-Table-74 x 89 x 34

Part No.:FTI-OUTFEED-TABLE-74x89x34


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View: FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 5
FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 5

Part No.:FTI-5x5-CNC-Table


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View: FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 5-Expansion
FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 5-Expansion

Part No.:FTI-5x5-CNC-Table-Expansion


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View: FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 10
FTI-CNC-Table-5 x 10

Part No.:FTI-5x10-CNC-Table


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View: FTI-36 x 72 x 36 Foldable Table
FTI-36 x 72 x 36 Foldable Table

Part No.:FTI-Fold-Table-36x72x36-LF


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View: FTI-28x36x34 Foldable Table
FTI-28x36x34 Foldable Table

Part No.:FTI-Fold-Table-28x36x34


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View: 4' x 8' - Assembly Table
4' x 8' - Assembly Table

Part No.:FTI-4x8-Assembly-Table

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View: Lift Table
Lift Table

Part No.:FTI-SL-Lift-Table

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View: Table A (Top Not Included)
Table A (Top Not Included)


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View: Table B (Top Not Included)
Table B (Top Not Included)


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View: Square Tradeshow Table
Square Tradeshow Table

Part No.:FTI-Square-Table

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View: Angled Tradeshow Table
Angled Tradeshow Table

Part No.:FTI-Angled-Table

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View: FTI-30x30x36-Table

Part No.:FTI-30x30x36-Table


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