The ability to modify and accessorize an object is often key to that object’s paramount usefulness. Imagine a car without hubcaps or rear-view mirrors. It would still be quite functional as a car; yet the lack of those accessories would likely diminish not just the aesthetics of the vehicle but also its overall functionality and even safety. The same is true of Framing Tech’s aluminum fabrications. Accessories add distinct practical advantages to our T-slot creations, and the best way to attach these optional accessories is with T-slot fasteners.

An Example of T-slot Fasteners in Action

Now let’s apply the metaphor to a specific aluminum fabrication. Take our aquarium stands as an example. One can imagine a whole host of attachments suitable for such a project; and the great advantage of T-slot aluminum framing is that it offers practically an unlimited selection of mounting locations for accessories. So, if your aluminum stand has some exposed wiring or piping under the tank, it will be a simple process to attach an infill panel to the front or, more practically, a door. Besides maintaining the convenient access to the lower storage area, such accessories add the aesthetic bonus benefit of concealing the “guts” of the whole operation.

Likewise, it is easy to imagine such a fabrication with shelving, hooks, and other accessories for storing tools, fish food, equipment, and countless other additional practicalities. The operative word here truly is imagine for, in a very real sense, one’s imagination is the only limit. The versatility of our T-slot fasteners can usher in a cascade of creative thinking when it comes to the sheer variety of T-slot accessories available. Indeed, coming up with clever add-ons can be fun. Think of it as something like an adult version of playing with Legos!

How Do T-slot Fasteners Work?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least ten thousand!

Suffice it to say, there is a considerable degree of variety among our T-slot fasteners, and each type and subtype has its own advantages. First, of course, one must determine the T-slot width by its designator within the product ID of the hardware itself. Then it is only a matter of finding the right fastener to connect the desired accessory to your project’s T-slot extrusion.

The most common fastener type is the T-nut, which has its own set of subtypes, such as Roll-in or Drop-in T-slot nuts. These latter two are much better suited to holding their position in a vertical T-slot, and are ideal for mounting table-tops or attaching surface-mounted plates. In addition to T-nuts, there are T-bolts, which function just as the T-nuts do in that they have a similar shaped head with the locking feature, and a male thread available in various lengths.

It all comes down to finding the right tool for the job—one of the customer goals on which we at Framing Tech have built our reputation, no matter what project you have in mind. Where to start taking your vision into reality? Begin by reviewing the selection of T-slot fasteners offered on our website.

T-slot Fasteners