When it comes to the kinds of things you can build with extruded 10/15 Series profiles, sometimes basic is better. Many of our fabrications are available in standard “kit” form, with set parts, and are delivered to home or office with detailed instructions for assembly. This includes many of our most popular products, e.g.:

But sometimes you need something special and out of the ordinary for your specific needs. It could be just a matter of size, or unique functionality, or particular design features—or even something never before conceived!

That’s where Framing Tech shows its true strength. Our industrial designers and engineers can help you “invent” a fabrication that meets your every need, and then some.

Over the years we have created some unique fabrications for a number of our clients. The infographic below shines a spotlight on some of our favorite projects.

(Click on the image to download a printable PDF version of the infographic.)

For further ideas, you can see more of our custom extruded aluminum fabrications here. And if you’d like to get a quote on something you already have in mind, please contact us—we’re happy to help!