Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

— Leonardo Da Vinci

Word to the Wise: Accessorize

Some things simply go together—they’re just right when paired. Think peanut butter and jelly. Bogey and Bacall. Bacon and eggs. Abbott and Costello. Fish and chips. Astaire and Rogers. Franks and beans.

The list goes on. Individually, each is wonderful in its own way. But when they pair up, the results are magical.

What is true of the kitchen and Hollywood is also true at FramingTech. By themselves, our Extruded Inch and Metric T-slot Aluminum Profiles provide the perfect, versatile aluminum fabrication solutions to a host of customer needs, from shelves and aquarium stands, to carts and enclosures, to tables and workbenches, and more. But when our superior fabrications are customized with the just the right accessories, they go from great to extraordinary.

In the art world they call adding those little extra details the pièce de résistance. Here at FramingTech we call it “attention to detail.” Here is just a sampling of the kinds of accessories available on our website.



The beauty of our profiles is that there is no need to clamp, weld, grind, or finish the components of your project. They just need to be…well, connected together. Our structural aluminum profiles come in all shapes and sizes—and so do the connectors needed to assemble the individual parts into a solid, stable whole.

These connectors run the gamut from bolts and screws to brackets and gussets. Most essential are our Quick Connectors, which are easy to use, adjustable, and very strong. The video below demonstrates how to use Quick Connectors when assembling T-slot aluminum frames.



Do not confuse “connectors” with “fasteners,” which are not quite the same.

Put simply, connectors are for attaching extrusion to extrusion; whereas fasteners are used to attach accessories to the extrusion. Our profiles easily accommodate both connectors and fasteners of all kinds.

A major advantage of using modular aluminum framing versus welded steel is that FramingTech extrusions are designed to allow for countless mounting locations for accessories. Common examples of these are in-fill panels, interlock switches, pneumatic or electronic components, and mechanical components.

We know that different aluminum framing projects require various types of fastening pieces, and that is why we offer a wide variety of fastener types, including:

  • Standard T-nuts
  • Drop-in T-nuts
  • Economy nuts
  • Roll-in nuts
  • Square nuts
  • T-bolts
  • T-slot nuts

Frame-to-Floor Accessories

If you’d like your design project to stand “on its own two feet,” we can help you with that too. We carry everything you need to mount your project to the floor—or, for that matter, suspend it from the ceiling.

Does it require an adjustable height? Check out our full line of leveling feet.

Do you want it to be mobile, so you can move it around the floor? We have casters for that, in either industrial-strength stainless steel or durable, inexpensive phenol resin—either one will ensure a smooth ride.

And whether you need these items for inch or metric size profiles, no matter: we carry solutions for both.


Doors and Latches

If your aluminum T-slot workstation or aquarium stand needs a door, look no further. Our door accessories work with both inch and metric extruded profiles. Whether your hinges need to be plastic or metal, concealed or clad, or fixed or lift-off styles, we have a hinge that will integrate well into your assembly.

Handles too are essential for the pushing and pulling of various types of doors, whether it be a swinging door or a sliding door. (Door types include standard swinging, barn-style-sliding, bi-folding, vertically opening, counterbalanced via gas-spring, rotary-spring or dead-weight, etc.)

If the door needs to remain secure while closed, our selection of magnetic, ball-catch, dead-bolt, and other types of latches will do the trick. One of our most popular is the ball-detent latch, which boasts a versatile array of mounting configurations.


Panel Accessories

It’s not always just about utility—sometimes aesthetics will come into play when it involves your enclosure, workstation, or other extruded aluminum frame project. If you’re looking to add panels to the project, our T-slot reducing and mounting accessories are designed to fit both metric and inch profiles.

Some of the more common panel materials we work with include Lexan™, Plexiglass™, and more.


Miscellaneous Accessories

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to a wide variety of connectors, fasteners, leveling feet, casters, doors, latches, and panels, you’ll find at FramingTech a cornucopia of accessories to customize your FramingTech aluminum fabrication just the way you want it, including:

  • Cable blocks
  • Counter-balance springs
  • Cup holders
  • End caps
  • Aluminum Hinges
  • Profile sliders
  • Roller mounting blocks
  • Roller wheels
  • Sensor mounting blocks
  • T-slot covers
  • Tread profiles
  • HMI (human–machine interface) mounts
  • Locking handles
  • Slam Latches
  • Machining jigs
  • Tool hangers
  • Pivot Joint
  • Carriage bearings

The devil is in the details, as they say.


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